Unary Binary And Ternary Relationships

Object-Oriented Design Case Study with C++


OO Pattern Examples Douglas C. Schmidt C++ Unary Node Implementations #include "Unary_Node.h" Unary_Node::Unary_Node (const string &op, const Tree &t1)

A Comparative Analysis of Entity-Relationship Diagrams1


Journal of Computer and Software Engineering, Vol. 3, No.4 (1995), pp. 427-459 1 A Comparative Analysis of Entity-Relationship Diagrams1 Il-Yeol Song

UNIVERSITY OF MUMBAI University of Mumbai


AC. 10/02/2012 Item No. 4.42 University of Mumbai S.Y. B.Sc. Computer Science Syllabus Credit, Grade and Semester System

Join Constraints - Object-role modeling


Proceedings EMMSAD’02 page 122 2 CONSTRAINTS OVER A SINGLE JOIN PATH Before discussing constraints on join paths, the notions of internal uniqueness constraint and ...

Modeling for Data and Business Rules - Object-role modeling


Modeling for Data and Business Rules 4 naturally. For example, relationships typically must be binary infix, and usually can’ t be nested in other relationships.

Material Science - NPTEL


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