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CATHACOAT 302HB - Recon Coatings - Technical Services

CATHACOAT 302HB Reinforced Inorganic Zinc Primer Cat. # 302FBXXX/302GB0972 (Special Order) Generic: Reinforced Inorganic Zinc Silicate General Description: A high ...

DTM High Build Gloss Aliphatic Urethane Mastic Cat ...

DEVTHANE 359H DTM High Build Gloss Aliphatic Urethane Mastic Cat. # 359FXXXX/379C0910 Color: Available in white, black and a full range of custom colors

Devoe - Pre-Prime 167* - Spec-Tec International Coatings

Pre-Prime 167 July 2001 Advantages: • Low VOC • 100% volume solids • Reinforces rusty steel, masonry and aged “White-Rusted” zinc surfaces

An Overview of Anti-Slip The Rough, - Protective Coatings ... JPCL • June 2003 • PCE 43 When the best conditions were eventually deter-mined and the anti-slip polyurethane coating had

Item # Category Chemical Name MSDS # 3 Aerosol 9137

3M 77 Spray Adhesive; 17 ounces 3; Aerosol 9137; 2 Grease Apiezon L Vacuum Grease; 2 ounces 1; Tube 17852; 3 Solvent Chemtronics Chembrush System; 10 ounces 8

How to Select Less-Toxic, Low-VOC Paints, Primers, Stains ...

M. Landman Communications and Consulting Metal Coatings: When you need to purchase an anti-corrosive paint to apply to interior metal