An Rl Circuit Is Driven By An Ac Voltage Source As Shown In The Figure (figure 1)

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Figure 12.2.3 A purely inductive circuit As we shall see below, a purely inductive circuit corresponds to infinite capacitance C =∞and zero resistance R = 0 .

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It()=I0 sin(ωt−φ) (12.1.2) will oscillate with the same frequency as the voltage source, with an amplitude I0 and phase φ that depends on the driving frequency.

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An RL circuit is driven by an AC generator as shown in the figure. For what driving frequency ω of the generator, will the current through the resistor be largest

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6. State the equation for the current in the circuit shown above at any time t. 7. Consider the following two diagrams: compare the behaviour of the two systems.

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